Rocker Cover Racing Update!

Rocker Cover Racing Update! SPEEDWELL victorious. We had to wait an entire year for redemption but Speedwell was not only the overall winner, it was also an especially sweet win. Aside from the fact that putting wheels on a rocker cover/valve cover and letting it slide down an incline might possibly seem a bit odd-stupid-lame-gay-geek-thicko-use your own adjective – there is still nothing better being “King of the Dipshits”. While Speedwell did have the best of the bunch last year as far as presentation goes, admittedly we were quite slow. But, after 100 hours, why not put another 20 hours into it and make it fast. We put in the 20 more hours. We did make her fast. At California Healey Week this year in Big Bear, California – Speedwell rose to the occasion. The competition was much more fierce than last year and elimination after elimination we kept winning. In the semi finals, it was so close that we had a dead heat that came down to a coin toss for lane choice. We won. In the finals, it was the same thing, yet Speedwell won! Turns out, the last few guys we beat hated to lose as much as we do. The Rocker Cover we beat in the finals? Turns out the Rocker Cover we beat spent several weeks in the Physics Department @ Long Beach University! Gosh, I bet those poor college boy’s were so disappointed to get beat by a Sprite geek! I have a feeling next year will be wicked. I do know one thing for sure – Long Beach University has no idea what I have planned for even more speed next year!!!!!!!!!!

2ndPlaceLongBeachUniversity Winner

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