Throttle Cable Kit

Below: upper cable is what THEY sell you, lower cable is the super flexible Speedwell cable

Finally, something better. Besides brakes, there is nothing more important from a safety standpoint than a throttle assembly that does not get stuck open and always returns back down to idle. Sprites & Midgets are about the only automobile I know of that never came with a return spring for the Throttle Pedal Assembly, leaving the entire pedal return function left solely to the S.U. Carbs (or any carb/carbs) your car uses. It take a ton of spring pressure to do this, and it also causes premature wear on Carb. throttle shafts & linkage. Another factor is Friction. The less expensive cable assemblies everyone else sells is not nearly as flexible as the multi strand stainless steel cable Speedwell offers. Included in this kit is a heavy duty teflon outer housing with a super flexible stainless steel inner cable, a throttle arm assembly return spring and hardware, along with instructions and even a Bondhus Allen wrench This kit gets you from the cockpit, all the way to the carbs, after that, you’re on your own as far as Carb return springs and cable-to-Carb. attachment.

Standard kit – 74.50

Supercharged cars. If you have a Moss Supercharger on your car, you’ll need this kit, which has a 90 degree attachment to reduce binding due to Bonnet clearance. Yes, I know you can buy these on Amazon. As always, Speedwell does the research to make sure what we sell is the GOOD stuff and not the cheap-doesn’t-work-very-good stuff. We don’t apologise for providing the best possible components for your car that costs a bit more. Okay, a LOT more. I am well aware that “premium throttle cables” are available for $9.95.

Supercharger Throttle Cable Kit. $98.95