Ignition Timing Pointer Kit

A duplicate of the 1968 Works BMC Le Mans timing pointer makes for timing the ignition system much easier by moving it to the top side of the engine. The Polished Stainless Steel Pointer (with a flanged nut installed, eliminating need for washers!) is easily installed by removing a timing cover bolt and installing it in place of the bolt. Once top dead center is achieved, just apply the adhesive backed laser-etched stainless steel timing tape to the crankshaft pulley and you’re ready for precision timing with a timing light. Complete with instruction sheet. 100% Made in the USA

NOTE: Upon ordering, we will email to confirm your pulley diameter size – either the standard 4-3/4″ 1275 Sprite/Midget, or for the larger 5.9″ Mini Cooper/MED dampers used on performance and/or race engines.

$44.50 plus shipping