Speedwell Aluminum Radiator

Our alloy radiator drops temperatures drastically, and fits as good as it looks. Fits all Sprites and Midgets 1958 thru 1980.  Yes, I know there are now much, much less expensive aluminum radiators now on the market. Sad to say, but yep, they’re made in China. Once again, no apologies here. I feel quite safe in saying every one of you have recently purchased something made in China that was just a complete piece of crap. This year marks 27 years of selling our 100% made in America radiator and we have never had one complaint and not one failure!   We sleep great at night knowing our products are better than any other’s.  A great quote from an old friend of mine: “You get what you expect in life, and the problem may be low expectations.”

Zero complaints, Zero failures…………………….Hey, China – stick that in your pipe and smoke it, along with all that other crap you produce. Sorry if this sounds too political, I’m not just calling it as I see it, I’m typing truth here.