Oil Pan Baffle Kit

Speedwell is now offering a baffle plate assembly allowing you to install into your stock original oil pan. There has been great demand for this as no one has been offering a complete, modified oil pan to prevent oil starvation under hard cornering and hard braking. This design has been race-tested for over a decade, and we have seen zero oil starvation issues, and while it is not an elaborate affair with trap-doors, etc. it has proven effective and this is extremely cost effective and simple to install into your oil pan. This fits big main 1098’s and all 1275 c.c. engines, please contact in regards to fitting in 948 engines. The assembly can be installed either by MIG or TIG welding the brackets in place, although spot-welding would be the most sanitary method of installation. With the shortage of good, straight, available “core” oil pans available, we are currently only offering these as kits. Kit includes baffle plate, three mounting tabs with welded nut-serts, and six AN3 bolts with drilled heads, & washers for safety wiring. 

True value at $224.95