Triple Master Pedal Assembly


Designed from a clean sheet of paper – not an adapted assembly from another assembly, there is nothing at all like this. The Speedwell triple master pedal assembly not only dramatically increases the performance of the entire braking system, it also insures that should you lose a front or rear braking component, you will still have some brake pedal. Featuring a 7:1 pedal ratio to decrease pedal effort, it also features the ability to adjust front and rear proportioning. The brake pedal uses a Wilwood Balance Bar for ft/rr proportioning. The assembly fits all Spridgets 1958 thru 1980, Left Hand Drive & Right Hand Drive. For Left Hand Drive, a slight relocation of the wiper motor is required. For Right Hand Drive cars, the heater blower motor unit needs to use an assembly from the 1971 to 1974 Spridgets.  Included with the pre-assembled pedal assembly are the three Wilwood Master Cylinders, we can supply several different bore sizes, but our testing & research has us supplying 5/8″ bore brake master cylinders and a 3/4″ clutch master cylinder, please contact us if you require something different. The assembly also includes a seal plate and rubber dust excluder. It comes completely pre-assembled, requires drilling just five 1/4″ holes and then plumbing is of course required. Engineering, Quality, and superior design makes this the absolute best ever on the market. The entire assembly, the pedal box, the balance bar and the master cylinders ALL MADE IN THE USA!