Valve Cover Racing

I’ll add more in the future, but for those of you who have not heard of Valve Cover Racing – it’s essentially like the old Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby car racing except your racer is based on a valve cover. Here is the A-Series cover we built up. In addition to it’s handbuilt Lexan chassis and billet alloy wheels, we added a cockpit w/driver and rollbar, a canopy for aerodynamics, AND, if you flip up the “SPEEDWELL” alloy tag, inside is a diorama of the Speedwell shop with mechanics, girls, cocktail waitress, and a Bugeye with it’s bonnet up for service. Push one red button and the inside lights up, push the 2nd red button and the 1960’s song “Who wears short-shorts” plays from a recording device. Whether it’s for show, racing, or just fun, SPEEDWELL goes full tilt! (double click on the pictures to see entire picture)

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