Okay, so here’s the skinny. Some low-life bottomfeeder hacked the Speedwell website and it has vanished. I highly do believe it was a random act and not aimed at Speedwell itself as what happened apparently is not all that unusual. Well, with the exception that it never occurred to me that maybe learning how to operate the website myself and/or save copies of it because there really are individuals out there that thrive on screwing with other people’s lives. Most likely they were searching for my off-shore bank accounts hiding the fortune I’ve made making Sprite swaybars by hand in extremely small quantities. Afterall, I am relatively certain that when someone thinks of Tom Colby, the next thing to pop into their mind is either Ford, Rockefeller, Edison,¬†etc. Especially Edison since we do share the same first name. The upside of this problem is that since I will first have to learn all about this modern website/blog thing is that at least I can update the site whenever I want or need to. The downside is that price increases will happen when they should as opposed to rarely ever and also the possibility that I may bore Speedwell site visitors to tears.

I would like some feedback from any of you that do find an interest in my musings:

What would you be most interested in seeing here?

Technical blogs?

Columns about some of the more wild escapades of racing Sprites for over 30 years? Honestly, some of which I wouldn’t believe if it weren’t for the fact that these are my own experiences!

Or, “nothing at all Colby – just get your products back up with good clean pictures, we have no interest whatsover in your stupid cross-country adventures.”

Not like you really have much choice though, but I would like to have an idea of what the majority of you would prefer to see here.

One more thing: If you’d like to be notified of any sales and/or updates, please go to “contact” info. on the home page and fill it out. You never know, some information posted here may actually be useful!

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