Tapered Front Wheel Bearing Conversion

One of the best single safety and reliability related improvements for any Sprite or Midget!

Absolutely NO reason to keep on running ball bearings when a complete tapered wheel bearing conversion kit is available. There is no question at all that Speedwell’s tapered bearing kit is the most expensive you can purchase, but I can tell you why. Some others are selling ALMOST the same thing, and while some are selling genuine TIMKEN brand bearings, they are NOT the same bearings! Sure, we could sell the same bearings the other clown’s are but they aren’t correct for your car. The less expensive bearings of a different part number do not place the bearing in the front hubs to allow for proper shimming and they  are offset just enough so that the only way you can get the cotter pin through the nut and spindle is to:   A – leave the outer tab washer off or   B – put the castelated spindle nuts in a lathe and machine off just enough material to make you wonder if that nut you just modified is truly strong enough to trust your life with. Remember, unlike most cars, it is vitally important that the factory spacer (and shims) are used between the inner and outer bearings so the spindle nut can be torqued, thereby making the spindle a stronger unit. Or you can always use this logic: “Oh don’t worry though, even if the nut does fail, the brake caliper & rotor will hold the wheel on long enough to pull over, and besides, you saved about 40 bucks instead of buying the SPEEDWELL kit! Oh, wait – you say you still have drum front brakes? Then just stick your hand in the air and wave adios to your front wheel that is now bouncing down the road ahead of you while the folks behind you are enjoying the beautiful display of orange sparks pouring from under your car as the lower control arm tries to see just how big a trench it can dig into the highway!” This DOES happen.      Also, Speedwell’s conversion comes complete with seals, more shims that you need (just to be safe), and complete instructions! Price is per car – both front wheels. Once again – you get what you pay for.