Huge Breakthrough!

Speedwell Engineering’s all new performance starter motors set an all new standard for BMC A series engines, M.G. Midget & Austin Healey Sprite, MG-A, Triumph Spitfire, Lotus Elan, and Lotus 7 sports cars and Formula Ford 1600.

Completely different from ANY starter motor currently offered by anyone , the SPEEDWELL STARTER is by far the most powerful, lightest in weight, best fitting, and easiest to install of ANY Starter Motor currently available.

Utilizing modern technology, state of the art CNC machining, it was designed, tested, & built by a SPEEDWELL ENGINEERING, a company that is proud of it’s reputation and cares deeply about what they offer for sale. The Speedwell Starter is based upon a type of motor the industry calls “PMGR”, meaning “Permanent Magnet, Gear Reduction.” Unlike ALL of the other starter motors out on the market for our British sports cars, the Speedwell Starter is fully self-contained into one slender cylindrical unit. It is an extremely lightweight package, (6-1/2 lbs. vs. all the others that weigh well over 10.5 lbs. – making it almost HALF the weight!!!) and, it has the gear reduction built inside! It has the electric solenoid built inside! Same with the magnets, the brushes, and the pinion gear, all built internally in one cylinder. No big, heavy solenoid, or gear reduction pieces hanging off to one side and getting in the way of a distributor, mounting bolts, etc. On top of everything else, it is also, by far, the most POWERFUL of any starter motor available. All of our competitor’s starter motors average 1.7 horsepower, The SPEEDWELL STARTER puts out on average a walloping 2.2 HORSEPOWER.

Also unlike our competitors, the Speedwell Starter is MADE TO FIT YOUR CAR. It is index-able every 45 degrees to allow fitment into Formula & sports racing cars. If you buy a Speedwell Starter for your car, it will BOLT RIGHT IN, using the existing bolts that held your Lucas starter in. In most cases, depending upon your model car, and whether or not it has the original wiring, it is also wired EXACTLY like your car! In other words, TWO BOLTS, and ONE WIRE! That’s it. No more of that bullshit of installing, taking it out, moving the adapter plate over one hole, re-installing to see if it will fit this time, no more grinding away the head of a bolt to make it fit, no more grinding away a 9/16″ wrench just so you can tighten the damned bolt and then only to find you have to do that game over & over until you get it fit without the starter motor interfering with something. I spent years hoping to find a truly great starter motor to base the Speedwell Starter motor on, I have boxes and boxes of prototypes that came close and are in boxes marked “failure”, because they were not good enough to attach the famous Speedwell “winged S” logo, and have the name SPEEDWELL associated with. It took time for the technology to get here, and it took perseverance to actually achieve success, but there is NO doubt, it truly was worth my effort and I am very proud to offer to you what I have come up with. I did not develop these to be able to compete price-wise with all the really poorly designed, outdated, rebuilt, worthless crap that does not fit properly, nor those which have improper pinion gear-to-ring gear engagement at a low price. As a restoration firm and vintage racing specialists, we have been having to deal with for well over 20 years the junk other’s have been selling all of us. I’ve been rebuilding, re-wiring, re-soldering, re-sealing, re-welding, and cussing up a storm over the starters that up until now, have been the only thing available. One race weekend, I literally changed out starters on a racecar every single session, and while the car was on track, I’d be repairing the spare unit so I could swap them out for the next session. In other words, in a span of three days, I removed, replaced, and repaired starter motors on one single car 7 TIMES. And I know of others folks whom have had the same experiences.


   You don’t have to buy one. But one day, you’ll wish you had.

The Ever-Luscious Miss Speedwell Starter

The Ever-Mesmerizing                        “Miss Speedwell Starter”