Lucas Diagnostic Systems Tester

Here is our latest – there has been a rash of poorly made Lucas reproductions on the market recently and we had a need to test these components. We are now offering our own Lucas systems diagnostic tester that among other things will test: all four phases of the regulator, both phases of the generator, spark plug wire condition, starter motor, wiper motor, voltage, amperage, etc. High quality, designed and made by me, your fearless leader, Tom Colby. Not really needed by most end-users but a great benefit to other shops and car clubs! Also included is a genuine non-authorized reprint of the Lucas test manual. Works on pretty much any vehicle, 12 volt positive OR negative ground. Also includes a wide array of test leads, a volt/ohm meter and a really cool case to keep it in.

A bargain @ $295.00.

While it may seem expensive it first, you go right on ahead and figure it out, design it, build it, put it in a slick little case like I did, your fearless leader – Tom Colby, and just see how the dollars add up!